Monday, December 11, 2006

Things I faced during installing apps ( on IBM AIX 5.3

Direct to the point, the issues are
Installation Type was TEST on a Single Node with multi-users.

1- On the check system utilities the error was 'cc' not found.
The Solution was to create a symbolic link from gcc to cc
ln –s /usr/bin/gcc /usr/bin/cc
2- On the system utilities the following error
VisualAge C++ V6.0 or IBM XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition V7.0 compiler must be installed.
The Solution was based on note (282036.1) is to install the compiler, with no license requirement from:

3- RW-50010: Error: - script has returned an error: 1
RW-50004: Error code received when running external process
And on the make.log the following error
(ld: 0706-006 Cannot find or open library file: -l m)
The solution was to install the following packages on the OS
-bos.adt.libm and bos.adt.base

4- RW-20001: Error. Unzip failed insufficient disk space
The Solution was based on note (340403.1) is to Set the soft limit for fsize to unlimited, as shown below:fsize = -1

Fadi Hsweh


krishna said...

I am starting installation of Oracle Apps on IBM AIX 5.3 today. And your errors and this note will be useful to me.
Can you clarify on one thing,
Is it neccessarry to have C++ license or can we go ahead with a no-license option as well.

Also I will keep you posted about the errors i get in the installation.

fhasweh said...

keep me posted if you face any errors, for c++ issue if you have gcc already you can follow my instartaciont directly without any licencse need.


KrishnaKari said...

I got the "cc" error while checking for utilities. I didnt had gcc installed, so downloading it from and will be installing it. So you mean even though we install GCC still we need to install the package vacpp.70.aix50......, can you clarify on that.

fhasweh said...

i think you managed to solve your issue, good luck.

fadi hasweh

Anonymous said...

Hi Fadi:
Read your comments about 11i installation issues on AIX.
I recently changed my job and I have to install apps 11i on AIX 5.3L . Earlier I was just working on a monitoring Job. So can you please give me detailed steps about the installation.

Thanks and Regards. AbdelJabbar

fhasweh said...

Dear AbdelJabbar,

i hope you like your new job, the installation is start forward i followed oracle documentation they are available online and on the cd, if you faced any thing let me know and i will try to help you