Friday, January 26, 2007

Ready for Apps R12 go and download it now

Congratulations apps dbas and functional people oracle e-business R12 is now available for download at the version available is for AIX, hp-ux itanium and Linux x86 the rest of other os will be available soon,
My friend ghassan is downloading the Linux version and after that he will download the hp-ux version for me (he has 2M ADSL connection). i will post incase i face problems during the installation (i will for sure face some:-)

Anyway people you need for the vision version around 160 GB.
Check the documentation library at Oracle Applications Documentation Resources for Release 12 (Metalink Note 394692.1) and at oracle website


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Do you want to remap your keyboard keys with oracle apps?

Sorry for the not posting lately but I am busy with a project anyway my development team asked me to disable ctlr+s for saving they don’t want the end user to you use it to save, he must click the save button, they want to make sure that he want to save and its not just an habit.

So all what I have to do is the following:
-Make a backup copy of $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/admin/resource/US/fmrweb.res
-edit the fmrweb.res file.
-search for the ctrl+s line and I deleted/commented it.
-an example below on what else you can do
Before Change
118 : 0 : "F7" : 69 : "Clear Block"
119 : 0 : "F8" : 74 : "Clear Form"
122 : 0 : "F11" : 76 : "Enter Query"
122 : 2 : "Ctrl+F11" : 77 : "Execute Query"

118 : 0 : "F11" : 76 : "Clear Block"
119 : 0 : "Ctrl+F11" : 77 : "Clear Form"
122 : 0 : "F7" : 69 : "Enter Query"
122 : 2 : "F8" : 74 : "Execute Query"

The above changes will enable users to use F7 and F8 to 'Enter Query' and 'Execute Query' instead of default settings of F11 and Ctrl+F11.

For more info go to metalink and search for fmrweb.res you will find a lot of related info.
have a magicla day

Friday, January 12, 2007

Do you need info. about R12

As the day of lunching Oracle Apps R12 is getting closer I came across this document on metalink (404152.1) (Release Content Documents for E-Business Suite R12)

This document contains links to the published Release Content Documents for Oracle Applications, E-Business Suite Release 12. The RCD or Release Content Documentation communicates information about new or changed functionality in the specified release of the Oracle E-Business Suite. Existing functionality from prior point releases is not described. Use this document as a launchpad for R12 RCDs.

It includes info about all the Product Families on Oracle Application R12 so check it out.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Monitor your apps performance

I came across note 244040.1 the note name is (Recommended Performance Patches for Oracle E-Business Suite) this note states the following (This document contains a list of performance patches that E-Business Suite development recommends customers to apply)and have the following fields

Product: FORMS
Bug#: 2283443
Description: Menu toolbar icons not picked up from cached jar file.
Affected Versions: Regression in Forms Patchset 8 (Forms ver.
Fix/Workaround: Fixed in Forms Patchset 10 ( Forms ver. and higher.
Symptoms/Comments: Access log file of the web listener will show icon gif files being downloaded from the media directory for each Forms application startup.

I think apps dbas should monitor this note once in while so they can stay updated incase any patch related to apps performance needs to be applied.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Are you looking for apps 11i book check this out

I think this is the second book after the (Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide) that discuses in details about oracle applications 11i (11.5.10+). It is a new book and from the index, I can tell that it seems to be a very good book, which I will try to buy. The book is OnCallDBA and Solution Beacon's latest collaboration and it was written by (Barbara Matthews , John Stouffer , Karen Brownfield , Randy Giefer , James Morrow , Bruno Coon , Faun deHenry , Jeff Holt , Tim Sharpe).

The topics discussed in this book are
-Release 11i Concepts and Architecture.
-Installing Release 11i.
-Upgrading or Migrating to Release 11i.
-Maintaining Release 11i.
-Administering Release 11i.
-Securing Release 11i.
-Setting Up and Using the Concurrent Manager.
-Release 11i Reporting.
-Tuning and Troubleshooting.
-Oracle 10g.

The book details as follow
Printed: 559 pages, 8.50" x 11.00", perfect binding, black and white interior ink
Publisher: Barbara Matthews
Copyright: © 2007 Standard Copyright License
Language: English
Country: United States

Finally, the price is $ 69.99 I hope if any one who had the book can share what he thinks about it.

For more information, please visit