Friday, December 08, 2006

Apps DBAs Sharing!

Dear all,

I would like to share with the you a few chapters of a book I like a lot; most of you know the book (Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide), I came a cross this copy on the net on the site so I wanted it to share it with you all.
I am sure you will all benefit from the book.
Click to Download Book

The original copy is available on apr├Ęs in the following link

I hope any one have good link or document and can share it with us to post it on the comments part.



Arunkumar said...

hi fadi, have not read this book. wud like to read it. the links that u have given opens up the book as a pdf with only the first 12 pages.

do u by any chance have the whole book online?

Anonymous said...

Good Post, thats one of my favs ;)


fhasweh said...

thanks sam and Arun,
i read the book arun and its a good reference for all apps dbas, what i shared was an example of the book the publisher put for marketing reason so we (apps dbas) buy it. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yes please help the publishers/authers by buying the book ..please !!


Anonymous said...

This is a great blog ..please keep it going.


Arunkumar said...

hey i know books have to be bought but i asked because the way i read this post, i thought there is an online version available for this book. And, i ordered and got this book from Amazon. Thanks Fadi for the reference. Read only few pages in performance monitoring... Looks like a good book to me. Thanks again :)