Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Transition period

Dear all,

I would like to inform you that I am currently at a transition period i moved to a new country and I am trying to explore my options there and that’s why I am not able to post/reply at forums and email list, but every thing will be back to normal within a month.
Wish me luck

Sunday, September 02, 2007

DISPLAY, Audience, IE and page cannot be displayed

For the last 45 days my end user faced an issue accessing the following path
Audience super user responsibility ->AUDIENCE ADMINISTRATION DASHBOARD and then click link------->Audience Workbench

It will work fine if the user don’t have and lists attached to his workbench, if he created a list he will not be able to access the audience workbench, there will be no errors but after 7 minutes the user will receive the page cannot be displayed and no errors in the error_log or jserv.log.

After a long investigation and many OWCs and after creating a bug a smart engineer form oracle support (libby) and from her first update figure out that it might be a display issue since accessing the (Audience Workbench) when a list is attached the page will draw a chart for that list, so she gave me the following update to try

1.Please create a small jsp say testXServer.jsp and place it in the OA_HTML directory for the env and point your browserto it. If the DISPLAY setting is okay you will see a message stating the same, else you will see an exception.

please check the note to get the code for the test file (note 456424.1)

2. Invoke the jsp using the following url :

3. If the DISPLAY is pointing to a valid xserver then the page will come up very quickly with the success message

When I tried the page it returned the page cannot be displayed error so I figured out that there is something with the display, I fixed the display issue and now every thing is working fine.

A new note has been created under metalink with the number (456424.1) for that issue.

Hope that helped