Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Apps 11i Keys shortcut

below are 11i keys quick shortcut it will help to save time
F4 Exit
F5 Clear Field
F6 Clear Record
F7 Clear Block
F8 Clear Form
F11 Query Enter
F12 Count Query
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + L List of Values
Ctrl + F11 Query Run
Ctrl + E Edit
Ctrl + Up Delete Record
Ctrl + Down Insert Record
Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + U Update Record
Ctrl + B Block Menu
Ctrl + K Display list of Keys
Shift + F5 Duplicate Field
Shift + F6 Duplicate Record
Shift + F8 Next Set of Records (Same as Page Down)
Shift + Page Down Next Block
Shift + Tab Previous Field
Shift + Page Up Previous Block
Shift + Ctrl + E Display Error
Page Down Scroll Down (Same as Shift + F8)
Page Up Scroll Up
Tab Next Field
Down Arrow Next Record
Up Arrow Previous Record
Return Return


Jagan said...


I have seen your articles, you have my support . . your articles are very good and educative.

I will be more happy to see some articles which might be more interesting to Technical Consultants.

You having been A Technical Consultant also, I am sure you will do more good articles on technical too...

Once again, A happy new year and you have all my support, I shall refer your articles to all my friends(including Technical, DBA and Functional).


fhasweh said...

Dear jagan,
I would like to thank you for your nice comments you made my day (my year really ;-) I will try my best to post all kind of articles I would like to thank you also for pointing me in which kind of articles you will like see on my blog becase as you know I cannot tell unless someone like you inform me.

Thanks once again for your support and for informing your friends about me and I hope to see your comments always at my blog (this is what make me post (seeing comments))


Sam said...

Well Fadi i agree with jagan 100%
your posts are very much to the point..

I would like to seen a post on details of changing the kep mapping if possible


fhasweh said...

thank you sam, i will try my best. if i understand you you want a post about keybord mapping, correct?
i will try my best as soon as i have time, we started a new project i am busy on it.

thank you all