Monday, December 04, 2006

Messed up with AutoConfig !!!

Autoconfig messed up what to do?

after you changed your current xml file (context file) of courser without taking backup and then after you had run you find out that you messed every thing up, and you need to go back to the previous status but you don’t have backup of your xml file so what can you do?.

-Fist of all before editing the xml file always take backup.
-If you want to do changes on your xml file try to do it using OAM (Oracle applications manger) Site Map->System Configuration ->Autoconfig. OAM backup your xml by default. And it also allows you to see the history of your xml files and what compare between current xml and the one in history.
-Incase you don’t have backup and you messed every thing up you can do the following.

When you run it takes backup under the following directory
-$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/out/MMDDhhmm for the database tire.
-$APPL_TOP/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME/out/MMDDhhmm for the applications tire.
* Where MM is the month, DD is the day, hh is the hour, and mm is the minute when was executed.

All what you have to do is to go to this directories and run a script called

Nice thing you can do before you run is to run script. This script
generates an HTML file named cfgcheck.html that displays the differences
in the configurations. The file will be located under
-$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/out/MMDDhhmm on the database tire.
-$APPL_TOP/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME/out/MMDDhhmm on the application tire.

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And always keep in mind
Oracle is not Magic, it just takes years of experience ;-)


Anonymous said...

>Nice thing you can do before you run is to run

I quite agree with this ;)


fhasweh said...

i think all the apps dba's should agree with that my friend.


Arunkumar said...

Luckily i did not have to run ever but for my own understanding, does the restores the previous value of the profile options too? I hope it does.

fhasweh said...

sorry Arun,
but no it dosenot it just restor the old templet files befoer the last run of autoconfig.

hope you will never need it ;-)


KrishnaKari said...

Hi Fadi,
Nice to know this information about script. Its quite common that after running autoconfig we lose the customization configurations and the system starts behaving erratically. Instead of taking time to debug the information we can run script to getback to the previous state in few mins.
This feature will be quite useful and helpful.


Samer said...

by the way the script
its under $AD_TOP/bin


fhasweh said...

thanks samer

Sibrand said...

Might be a bit late to add comments but something to keep in mind. If you haven't set your templates properly, certain values e.g. icx session timeout will be set to their default value. Running will not set this back to its previous value.