Sunday, December 31, 2006

Harder Passwords

On apps there are a lot of profile options that are useful in making apps passwords difficult to guess, the profiles are

1-Signon password failure limit
2-Signon Password Length
3-Signon Password No Reuse
4-Signon Password Hard to Guess

For the first one it means how many time can I try to access the system using wrong password by default apps leave the open you can try wrong passwords as much as you like but the recommendation it to change this value to 3.

The second one is how much is your password length by default it is set to 5 it is recommended to make it 6 or 7.

The 3ed profile is for how long I cannot use the same password on day I have this value at my environment set to 90 days I cannot use the same password unless at least 90 days pass by default this value is set to none.

For the 4th profile option by default it is set to no making it yes will give you the following benefits 1) The password contains at least one letter and at least one number.2) The password does not contain the username.3) The password does not contain repeating characters. (By repeating characters, we mean *consecutively* repeating characters).

Of course when you creating a user at your system using sysadmin->security->users there is an option that the user must change its password every n days I have this set to 30 days so my users have to change their passwords every 30 days

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