Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Add new node to apps 2

Please read before reading the steps below,

After finishing configuring the clone instance by running I had to run the script according to note 464018.1.
While running I faced the following error
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00001: unique constraint (APPLSYS.AD_APPL_TOPS_U2) violated
ORA-06512: at line 16

I followed note 394615.1 to solve it and after I did the steps in the note I run again and I faced error related to AD_TIMESTAMPS_U1 I checked on metalink but I could not find anything then I search on google and found post by dave from his post I took a backup the ad_timestamps and then truncate it after that I run and it completed successfully.
Then I updated the xml file to have only the forms and web servers running on this new node following the same note 464018.1 I run autoconfig the start the service on both nodes a now able to access both nodes.

What I want to do now is to configure web cache as load balancer also I want to implement Step Implement Forms Listener Servlet Support from note (Advanced Configurations and Topologies for Enterprise Deployments of E-Business Suite 11i) Note:217368.1 in order to have Forms Server Load Balancing, so when one form server go down in one node users will be connect to the other forms node.Because the current configuration if I am connect to webnode1 and forms on that node is down I will not be able to connect to forms and I will receive an error but if load balancing is implemented it will take me to the other working forms server node.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sharing is Caring 4

Oracle Community
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Monday, February 04, 2008

Add new node to apps

A customer want to add new web/forms node to his current multi-node apps production system also we have to configure a web cache load balancer.
The current system is 2 nodes (db node, apps tire node).
I am currently doing the configuration on test environment, I followed note (
How to Add a New Node to The Application Tier, and Make It a Web Server Node Only, Note: 464018.1 same as instructions of "Part 4: Adding a new node to an existing system" under "Section 4: Advanced Cloning Options" of Note 230672.1"Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11iwith Rapid Clone".

I am currently cloning the apps tire to the new server after that I will run then in order to configure it. One important note is to disable SQL*Net Access so that the new node can access the database.
after that i will try to configure the webcache as load balancer.
I will update you once done.


Friday, February 01, 2008

Questions needed answers

Dears apps dbas,
I hope thing are well with you, I received the following questions from a friend of mine and I promised him to answer them and wanted to share them with you maybe you can help me answer most of them.
Appreciate your help.

(we have some of the answers by dave (thank you) in the comments and all of them under

1. How do we know that particular instance is cloned or normal installed?
2. How can you know that how many modules are already implemented in this instance?
3. How to enable archive log without shutting down your database?
4. How can we know that whether we already applied latest AUTOCONFIG patch or not at our instance?
5. Is this possible to clone a database from hotbackup? If yes plz tell how?
6. Suppose your database size is 2000GB now you want to clone a particular one datafile or tablespace. Plz tell how co clone a datafile or tablespace?
7. You are applying a patch but suddenly it HANGS but log file didn’t showing any error what should be the reason for that HANG?
8. How to clone from multimode to single node?
9. How to apply patch on forms/reports server?

Thanks again for help