Sunday, May 13, 2007

increment date paramters each run is not working

i schedualed concurrent request that take a date prameter to run daily with the option "increment date paramters each run" but it runs daily without incremeting the date what could be worng i thought the issue was on the date format so i change it but still, i opened a forum under oracle forums with the issue and my friend dgood76 gave me a metalink note with a hint on how to work around this issue. the note number is 339849.1(Unexpected Behavior Using Increment Date Parameter Each Run)

in this note the workaround suggested by oracle development is to make use of a wrapper Concurrent Program which submits the actual Concurrent Request. Any Default Parameter that needs to be reevaluate for each run needs to behandled within the wrapper script.

then note has an examble on how to do that. You basically need to have 2 concurrent programs one that take that date parameter and other concurrent program calculated the date parameter value and submit the first concurrent request with the correct value.

so thank you dgood76 for your support ;-)


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Dave Ireland said...

Had this exact problem in trying to include the date in an AP Import batch name.

Couldn't find an answer on Metalink, but thanks to the wonders of Google, and your post, was able to fix my problem.

Many thanks!