Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shay's 10 Commandments for the OTN forums

I was reading a funny forum it's titled is "URGENT URGENT PLZ READ B4 OTHERS VERY URGENT NO TIME WASTERS" you should read it when you have time and one of the forum users replied asking to read Shay's Shmeltzer post about the (10 Commandments for the OTN Forums Member) and below I am copying and pasting from shay's blog you can go to his blog to read the full article

"Five rules to getting a better solution
1. Have a meaningful subject line
I'm tired of seeing a subject line like "I need urgent help". Your subject should specify what the problem core is and in what area
2. Give details about versions and technologies
Are you using JDeveloper or JDeveloper 9.0.4? Are you using ADF BC or EJB?
3. Give detailed error messages
Don't say - it throws an error - tell us what the error is and give the stack trace.
4. If possible provide steps to reproduce the problem
If something doesn't work for you - I can't know why if you don't tell me what you did. Sometime you can even post code that reproduce the problem
5. Search before you post
It's for your own good - it brings you the solution faster. Search both the forum and Google for your question - you'll be surprised how many times you'll find a solution that someone else got.

Five rules to become a better member of the community
6. Get a name
In your forums preferences you can set up a name or handle that will help us recognize you (and even a link to your blog). Do you really want to be known as user5667847? Using your real name is even better - then when someone meets you in a conference or an event - They'll already know who you are.
7. Post the solution
If your issue was solved post the solution on the thread so others that run into the same error can fix it faster. Just writing "I fixed it" doesn't count.
8. Mark solved problems with [Solved]
Once you found a solution to a problem edit the thread and add [SOLVED] to the subject line. This will help people identify solved problems.
9. Track your threads
In your forum preferences check the option that alerts/emails you when your thread has been updated. This way you'll be able to get better response time and also answer follow up questions. 10. Don't just ask question
give some answers as wellThe forum is a community - the community will only grow if you'll be an active participant. Posting question is just one side of the coin - actually answering other people questions is even more important. So go ahead and show off the knowledge you have gathered - it is the first step to take if you want to become an Oracle ACE.

It’s a great commandment and again I copied/pasted them from his blog so the credit goes to him.
Thank you Shay

I would like to add number 11. is to be gentle at your replies to the users even if they made mistakes since no one knows every thing and we all learn from our mistakes, so try to be gentle as much as you can when you are trying to correct someone mistake and don’t try to embarrass him.


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