Monday, April 30, 2007

CM priority vs. new manager

At my production environment we have a complete customized module called PoS (Point of Sale) which we use to sale our products and it is integrated with oracle apps financials and CRM modules, among of this customized module we have a lot of customized concurrent requests related to sale process and printing contracts. Those requests mainly related to customer service for ex. If the customer buys a product a concurrent request to print the contract will run when the user submit the sale. we faces an issue at the begging of each month that when the financial users run the journal import and end of month requests which they are many requests by the way. Those requests took a lot of time to run and in turn affect the customer which has to wait until his contract got processed by the CM which is busy handling other request. I hope I described the issue clearly since it is difficult to write.

Anyway to solve this issue I create a new stander manger just for the point of sales module, but I found out that when there is no point of sale requests this manager will stay ideal while the other manger that handle all the other request is busy which is not correct. So I deleted this new stander manager and changed all the PoS request priority to a higher priority, now when every a PoS request run it run first because it has higher priority than the stander request and by this I managed to solve my issue.

To do that I went to system administrator->concurrent->program->define->query the requests and change all its priority to 30.

(0 is highest priority and 100 is the lowest and the default priority value 50)

Please leave a comment if you have better way to solve the issue.


Anonymous said...

why you doesn't try to improve this request before????

fhasweh said...

the request are perfectly tuned, by the are too many and the CM process got busy with a lot of pending request (at the beginning of each month), so in case there are 2 pending requests 1 is stander request and the other is PoS request the PoS request will be processed first because it has higher priority. I hope that clear the issue


Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy,
Was just catching up on your posts.
I remember there is an option in the standard manager where in you can exclude the specific requests (POS in ur case) after which your new manager will be able to handle your PoS request.

Did that a long time again so dont recollect now maybe i can have a look and find out if there is anything on that.


fhasweh said...

thanks sam, missed your replies, yes i treid it and it did work fine but i preferred the prioring thing better.