Thursday, May 24, 2007

Small issue after cloning

After I cloned my production system I faced the following error when I run adadmin or adpatch

AD code level : [11i.AD.I.4]

The Applications System names per the APPL_TOP and the database are different.
Applications System name per the APPL_TOP: clone
Applications System name per the database: prod

If you continue, the Applications System name per the APPL_TOP will be ignored.

Do you wish to continue [No] ?
To solve it I had to run the following update statement on my clone database

Hope that helped



Atul Kumar said...

Reasoning with why ppl_top name for cloned instance was not updated in database of cloned instance will be very handy :)


fhasweh said...

thanks atul,

i guess something went wrong when i run perl this is what i found on metalink note (274196.1). the issue is i did the clone and i didnot had to run adadmin nor adpatch untill after a while, but as i remmber something went wrong during

i hope that helped