Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What a mess

Today when the purchasing consultant tried to enter employees through the Purchasing Setup the following error occurs
Error message is APP-PAY-06041, you cannot enter person form because HR is fully installed.

I felt like reinstallation is coming on the way, as far as I know you cannot do unlicensed a registered products (please leave comment if you know a way to do that).
Any way after searching on metalink I found note 360552.1 and the note says that to solve this issue I have to 2 options
-we should use Human resource to enter employee not purchasing.
Or (this is the first time I like or ;-)
- using sql

update FND_PRODUCT_INSTALLATIONSset STATUS ='S' where application_id= 800;


Now every is working fine enjoy consultants


Anonymous said...

>update FND_PRODUCT_INSTALLATIONSset STATUS ='S' where application_id= 800;

I did this a couple of years ago,ran into some issue later on and when i raised a SR with Oracle they refused to support it :(

Anyway good post.

fhasweh said...

well sam i know so, but i guess since it came from offical oracle documant then they have to support it.

thank you

Atul Kumar said...

You asked a way to unlicensed the way & you mentioned way above ;-)

update FND_PRODUCT_INSTALLATIONSset STATUS ='S' where application_id= 800;

This will change license status from Installed (I) to shared (S) which is default mode when a product is not installed.


fhasweh said...

thank atul, i know that but i thought its not supported way.