Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cloning after Appling Patch 4676589 ATG_PF.RUP 4

If you applied the ATG_PF.RUP 4 patch you will face the following error when running the perl command
perl dbTier or appsTier

Global symbol "$resultclone" requires explicit package name at
line 525.
syntax error at line 527, near "$resultclone !"
syntax error at line 530, near "}"
Execution of aborted due to compilation errors

There are 2 solutions to this error:
-applying one of the patches (5132155,5225940,5235401).
- You can make the following changes in the file 115.49, replace the following and retest the issue.

$resultclone = system "$syscmd";
# added for bug #4448838
if($resultclone ! = 0 )


my $resultclone = system "$syscmd";
# added for bug #4448838
if($resultclone != 0 )

enjoy cloning


santosh said...

Other issue with RUP4
LISTENER dont get generated .

goto run adautocfg on apps tier to generate.

fhasweh said...

thank you santosh for sharing that with us.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fadi,

How to apply opatch and adpatch patch on RAC database? total 4 nodees in which 2 nodes are DB i.e.with shared oracle home and 2 apps node


fhasweh said...

you should apply opatch on your oracle home directroy (engin), and adpatch should be run on each apps node.

i hope that was helpful to you