Thursday, February 01, 2007

1Z1-233 Beta Exam 11i Install Patch and Maintain Oracle Applications Ed 5.1

Two days ago I applied the 11i Install Patch and Maintain Oracle Applications Ed 5.1 beta exam, the exam had 153 questions within 3 hours time, some of the questions was an easy going and a little of them were mid/difficult but in general it was an easy going exam, I think I will pass, I will know the results after 10 weeks and I will update you, the exam cover every thing from rapiwiz, cloning, adadmin, admerg, logs, autoconfig, xml file, CM …etc every thing really. But I liked the exam I will prepare for the sysadmin production exam soon.

i think all apps dba should apply it when they have some time (when they are not appling patchs;-)

Have fun with oracle exams


shantha said...

hi Fadi,all the best for ur results........but wht about production version.even know the oracle site was not updated for prodection version.u said xml:wht type of qustions thay asked.....

hsawwan said...

Nice to know that someone tried the exam.

Do you think we need to get the course material or Oracle Manuals are just fair enough?

I am planning to sit for the exam soon (Inshallah).

Wish you all the best and let me know when you get the results so I will be the 1st one who would congratulate you :)

fhasweh said...

hsawwan my firned thank you,
inshalla i will pass and let you konw, from your exparinace and the way you responde to oracle forums i guess you will pass easily you will get at least 90% inshalla, the produciton exames will be availabel on April.
good luck

fhasweh said...

hi shantha, the produciont exam will be out on april, i guess it will be easy, for the xml i meant the context file how do u updated it how do you restor it...etc


santosh said...

I too did appear it . Finished it in 2hrs 30 Mins.

I think I will pass.

fhasweh said...

i hope you and any one apply for the exam will pass.

keep me updated with your result

Anonymous said...

Way to go buddy
Wish you All the Best

I liked the last line of your post very much :)


fhasweh said...

thanks my frind maybe after we you and i took the exams we can apply to oracle ace ;-0


KrishnaKari said...

I got my results last week in snail mail. I passed both the beta tests under oracle applications dba track I have given. Ofcourse you can guess, the one i didnt apply is the workflow paper. Being an Apps DBA I never got oppurtunity to work on workflow. Anyways, now Oracle has changed the whole certification track for apps dba's and removed sysadmin and workflow exams. So Oracle also acknowledges that apps dba's will not be concerned abt sysadmin and workflow :-)
I have updated abt the tests in my blog,

fhasweh said...

congratulation krishnakari, i am happy that they remove the workflow from the path. its for the best.