Sunday, February 18, 2007

Upgrade journey to R12

Well at the beginning I though it will be a difficult task but when you get in to it, you will find out that it's kind of clear task so far ;-)

My plan was to clone my production system to a new server just for the upgrade purpose so I had to do a cloning from multi-node to single node based on note 233428.1 and of course with a great help from sam's post (Multi Node to Single Node Cloning) thank you sam.

After that I started the upgrade journey to R12 I just finished the Database upgrade path acutely I am running the utlrp.sql script while I am writing this post, every thing is clear so far.
I will keep you posted in case of any issue and incase I reach the R12 successfully or not (I hope I will).

I need to major the time needed to do the upgrade and to know if there any issues, my next step will be the upgrade to R12 on my Test servers.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Fadi,

I hope you complete your upgrade successfully and i am able to see a nice post on your experiences on your blog


Arunkumar said...

Hi Fadi,
Good Luck on your upgrade !!

I installed a fresh R12 VISION instance on our Solaris box. Installation as such went smooth but there were some lib32 issues that would prevent startup of services. I resolved it and will put up a post (yes i have atlast decided to create a techi blog) soon and update you.


fhasweh said...

thank you sam,
thank you Arun.


Balaji Group said...

Hi Fadi

Best of luck for your success in your way to upgrade to R12 from 11i. Hope you will complete and present you a big blog on the issues you faced during the journey.

Best of luck again.

Balaji R S
Oracle Apps DBA

fhasweh said...

Thank you Balaji for your support
good luck to you to.