Saturday, February 24, 2007

R12 Vision is available now online

I received the following from solution beacon

"Solution beacon has installed R12 Vision instance which is now available on their website.
Check it out at

Please note that there are some steps to install the desktop plug-in differently from Release 11i. Please also note that Release 12 requires a user to enable ActiveX and download the Sun JRE instead of the JInitiator the first time the Applications are accessed."

Thank you Solution Beacon Team



Mohamed said...

Dear Fadi
Alslamu alikom
thnx for this information about the last realesed 12i instance from solution beacon

i'm trying 2 access with my old account on it(for 11i) but it didn't work is it required to create anew account
Dear fadi
i'm abrother 2 u from egypt and need ur help i'm newbie in oracle 10g dba and really i want 2 be apps admin need ur help as a big brother
tell me how 2 start my way in this field what i have 2 study wich materials or books should i have i'm waiting ur advices
and thnx in advance for ur help
i'm sure that i found guide 2 me in this world
i hope i didn't bother u Mr Fadi

fhasweh said...

w alykomn el salam,
welcome mohammd, yes i guess its require to create a new account.
i am glad to hire that you want me to teach you i dont think i desrve this but i will try my best. wait for my next post it will be on how to start on apps.
you brother

sam said...

hii fadi hasweh..

I'm vinaykumar.
i have seen the solutionbeacon website it is providing r12 vision instance online. i too want to provide the same in my website,.
can u guide me how it is possible to provide vision instance online.
can u send me the requirements and steps to be follow for it.
reply to my mail id:
thanks in advance brother..