Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Multi to Single node Cloning issue

A friend called me yesterday he was facing the following error when he tried to clone from multi node to single node cloning
"Could not create the high water mark manifest..Please re-run the program to create the manifest required for merging APPL_TOPs"

He faced this error after he run the (perl appsTier merge) and then he cancel it while running and then he run it again on the other node then he recived this error.

According to metalink notes 372819.1 and 372758.1 he should reapply the AD.I.x patch again to the node and then run Maintain snapshot and then run the perl appsTier merge again, we did so and every thing went fine.

Hope that helped and by the way this will be my last post before my Eye LASIK Surgery which is scheduled tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m.



Anonymous said...

Good luck with your eye surgery, Fadi.

Steven Chan

fhasweh said...

Thank you steven so much for this comment, seeing it at the first day of me working without glasses made want to blog more. i really appreciate you taking time to read/comment on my blog.
So thank you. You really made my day


farooq said...

Hi Fadi,

I am New oralce Appsdba i want to know about sso and oid as far i know sso the name says single sign on server which uses oid for the username/pwd authentication not fnd_users table . i dont know much about oid as well what is the use of oid


fhasweh said...

hi farooq,
nice to meet you, i didnot use oid before but its exactly as you said but you it needs configuration + installation

hope it will help