Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thank you apps community

Today is my first day at work after the EPI-LASIK Surgery and my sight is facing haze, glare, ghosts and halos it will need more time before it become stable, I would like to take the chance to thank all apps community who wished me luck during my eye surgery, special thanks goes to hussine sawwan (hsawwan) for his phone call from Kuwait to check on me, and big thanks goes to Steven Chan for taking time to leave comment wishing me luck during the surgery. I would like also to thank marwan shantir, moh'd abu saif and adam shaug for their concerns. During my off days the most I missed was the oracle forums and the oracle blogs, I will need time to keep up with them.



Suresh said...

Its good to know that you are all set for blogging. expecting your next blog.

With Best Wishes

fhasweh said...

thank you suresh, i will be posting soon about oracle linux and the issue i faced with it.


Atul Kumar said...

Hi Fadi, I was quite busy so couldn't follow up on your blogs. Hope you are looking more smart without glasses , I do wear glasses just to look more intellectual :)

Nini said...

Hello Fadi

I hope u get well Soon. Just want to point out that i am REALLY amused by ur self title of "A SENIOR APPS DBA" . that tooo with 4 years of experience. Haaa

As per me your are a Junior and HAVE A LONG WAY TO GOOOOO. A SENIOR APPS DBA is someone with 10+ years of EXPERIENCE or atleast 5+ (with OCP) and that too with a MNC
AS usual you middle Eastern people make Foools of your Self with ur Camel Knowledge.

As u Posted on ur Site
"Oracle is not Magic, it just takes years of experience" not 4!!!!

Get up!!!
THE WORLD GREATEST APPS DBA 11i, 12i,... and Future Releases

fhasweh said...

thank you atul,


fhasweh said...

Well nini,

I am not sure how to reply but anyway I would like to tell you that what applies in Canada dose not Necessarily applies in the middle east also from your post I think seniority is not that clear to you too, you said "10+ years of experience or at least 5+ (with OCP)" and I am not sure from where did you get that measure and finally its always have to be about middle eastern people am not sure why!!
You really made my day today (THE WORLD GREATEST APPS DBA)


Anonymous said...

Hey Fadi,

Just saw ur post today.. due to hectic traveling was not able to keep in touch with my blogging pals.
Hope you would have recovered well by now.
Ad i would add on to the comment by nini

THE WORLD GREATEST+SWEETEST APPS DBA .. get back to blogging soon.


Anonymous said...

BTW i found the comment(nini's) offensive FADI
why did u publish it


fhasweh said...

Thank you sam for your support, i really missed your comments and posts at your great blog, now I am doing much better I am still facing issues with my left eye but in general every think is ok.

For THE WORLD GREATEST APPS DBA (Nini). His comments were very offensive but I felt that I will lose honesty if I did not publish them also it good to know how other people think.
Anyway my friend lets keep up posting and help apps dba community

Take care

Ram said...

Does THE WORLDS GREATEST APPS DBA has a blog on his own ... looks like he only fishes the web for information and doesnt share anything. :-)

Fadi dont get discouraged by these comments and truly appreciate your honesty.

Lets share some knowledge.


fhasweh said...

thank you ram for your support,
i visited your blog and i can tell that you are doing a great sharing there. keep it up

Anonymous said...

Hi Fadi,

Thanks for visiting and updating with a comment.


fhasweh said...

hi ram,
thank you for nice blog, and keep up posting