Sunday, June 24, 2007

Support forum,

I am thinking of opening a forum here to share support cases with all users, even though I guess oracle forums a great place to post problems and to get answers quickly, I will try to open my own forum for 3 months period if it was successful I will keep it other wise I will stick with oracle forums.
Suggestion are welcomed


Paul said...

Hi Fadi, i am all for sharing problems and (importantly) resolutions in an open forum. I'd suggest though that unless you have a distinct and differentiated theme for the forum, you are better off trying to work within the existing forums.
Create a new forum and you need to attract enough people to monitor and use your forum to make it worthwhile.

If what you want to do is "push" problems & resolutions out to the community, but then allow a place to discuss, you could try something like: blog the issue and resolution with a link to your personal forum for discussion. And post a thread to the forum for the new blog entry. this way you are using your blog to drive people to the forum.

fhasweh said...

Thank you paul for this great suggestion I think I will consider it since its very reasonable the idea is to share as much as possible and to help oracle apps community I think the idea of blogging the problems & resolutions is more convenient rather than starting a whole new forum, I will see what others will suggest. Thanks again for your time


Anonymous said...

Hey Fadi My friend,
I was thinking on the same lines as well..
Lets do it together.
I agree that the current Oracle forums are great place place but yest there are some limitations to it.
One of the major ones which i feel is moderation there are no moderators and hence its difficult to control a thread or close one.

Let me know your views on this.


fhasweh said...

welcome sam, you seems busy lately we miss you at the forums, i am really thinking of doing it, all i want to do is to share as much as possible, you have a very valid point about the limitations like moderation. i need to do more thinking first as paul said we need to have "forum that attract enogh people to monitor and it should have different theme" we dont want to put efforts on something that might not be used! you and i will give it more thinking and decide.
thank you for your support my friend.