Friday, June 08, 2007

Special thanks to some of Oracle teams

I would like to take the opportunity to thank OCP exam teams, both teams (ocpreq and ocpexam) showed high level of support and fast response time on my inquiries regarding the 11i Apps DBA OCP, they supported me step-by-step to submit my hands-on-course.

In the same time I would like to give a special thanks to oracle Customer Knowledge Exchange team a.k.a CKE team for their support and help when I tried to submit an article to be published at metalink, they showed a high level of support. a big thanks goes to (Mary Anne,Debbie Kiaaina) from this team.

So thank you ocp team/cke team and keep up the good work


sunil said...

hi fadi

how Ur feeling now after lasik surgery of Ur eyes, i am also planning to do, let me knw abt the Ur exp on lasik eye surgery

my email id
i am basically from india-hyd

hping Ur reply soon.


fhasweh said...

well i am going all good, you can go for it, my advise for you is to do it in winter if you can not in summer becuse of the wether, but in general its a great expriance