Thursday, April 26, 2007

Small issue with workflow email notifications

Well been busy last week and couldn't update the blog, before a couple of days tow users called me complaining that they stopped receiving emails informing them that they have a new notifications that needs their approval, well to be honest I thought I have a serious issue because both users called in different time at the same day, I check the workflow email server setup and it is working fine, after a little investigation I find out that in some how both users preferences got changed, so I change it back as follow

-Once logged into Applications, go to preferences link in the Home page . - At the bottom of that page is the Header - Notifications, Email Type - Select HTML Mail (It was empty)

And every thing back to normal.



Arunkumar said...

Thx for sharing this Fadi. Were you able to track back when and who had changed those preferences?

fhasweh said...

hi arun, to be honset i didnot look for it but my guess that the end user did those changes and the forgot about it.


Anonymous said...

We had exactly the same issue this month.
Thanks for sharing!

fhasweh said...

thanks for sharing (sam i guess)