Sunday, March 18, 2007

When seniority is the problem

Day after day and when you get more experience, you start to analyze the problems you faces differently (maybe in a way you are trying to make an easy problems difficult), its kind of weird though, before 2 days I faced an issue with one of our databases the issue was that when you set a dbms job it only run once, but it never rerun the job again, to make long story short I spent around 2 house trying to figure out what the issue was, restarting the database is not an option for me (it is not windows if you get what I mean) anyway finally my colleague restarted the database and voala all the jobs are working normally the problem was that one of oracle's ora_j00 was not running.

Learned lessons
-maybe in some how oracle database is like windows after all ;-)
-the problem might seem difficult but in reality it is easier than you think.
-try to search for the easies way to solve the problem not the difficult one.


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