Sunday, March 25, 2007

Starting on apps field (my personal theory)

I receive this question (how can I start on apps technical filed? How can I be an apps dba?...etc)
Well I am going to give some hints from my point of view, those hint may not be the ideal therefore any reader of this post can leave any suggestions to make the steps better and easier.

-First of all you need to have instance (vision demo database) so you can test things on it, by this I mean that you should read the installation guide which will guide you on how to build the stage area and what are the pre-requisites (hardware/software) for the installation and the installation process using rapidwiz
The installation will not finish successfully form the first time unless you are so lucky, and from the installation you will get a good experience.
-after the installation you need to understand the applications file system structure.
- also you have to read oracle applications concepts guide.
Then you can start reading about applications administration and maintaining procedures, you need to understand both adpatch and adadmin.
- By now if you manage to install oracle applications and to apply patches on it then you are in the right track.
-then after that you need to read about backup and recovery.
-you need also to monitor oracle forums and oracle blogs.
-keep metalink as your friend.
-when you see an interesting issue in forum or blog try to track it and maybe try to solve it if you can this will give you an add experience.
-try to participate on oracle applications email lists like ittoolbox …etc.
-try to get oracle applications administration books like dba filed guide and others.

finaly keep in mind that (no pain no gain)

Please leave comments on what you think the best way to be an apps dba

P.S all the guides mentioned above can be found under (for apps 11i)


Muhammad Nasr said...

Dear my big bro Mr Fadi
how are u ? i hope u r in the best health when u r reading my comment
dear bro i'd like 2 thank u for ur new post and i have 2 guess that u make this for my sake :) off course i'm sure of that :)
ok i'm now just newbie in oracle 10g dba but i'm from the begining i decieded that i want 2 be apps dba and i just take database dba as astep in my way 2 be in one day like u :) isa
i'll memories ur post 2 back 2 it isa when i'll start isa in apps dba but also i want 2 ask u afavor did u discover any book for apps dba on the internet the only one i find it is apps dba from the first line is that i have 2 depend only on the documentation with the apps or i have 2 start with books i'll wait ur recommendation about the book subject but u know ur advices plan 2 me and guided also in my current status and i hope 2 contact u in more advanced way if u accept this i'll leave 2 u my mail 2 contact u isa and this will be the honer for me
ur little brother
m7md nasr

fhasweh said...

welcome mohammed,
its good to take the oracle dba course it will help you to be apps dba, for the books check the follwoing

i hope that will be helpfull to you also mohammed try to take a course on oracle apps dba.


Anonymous said...

hi fadi, u saying the matlink ,but is available only to customers of can it access to others.

fhasweh said...

for metalink no you cannot access it with CSI customer support ID.

but the oracle fourms/blogs helped me a lot


Anonymous said...

yes oracle fourms/blogs helped me also a lot.but metalink have some advantages where we can get indepth knowledge of specific subject.and another thing is patches.