Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Virtual Consulting

It's all about sharing
I received the following email and I thought that it worth sharing
ERPstuff Virtual Consulting
All the members of ERPstuff are just like a family and good friends. I was thinking that there should be more challenging tasks in addition to routine tasks of members and those students who are struggling for jobs but due to no experience are getting any chance. So I have developed a business plan in which all the member can work as employee with many benefits like share in the individual project profit on the basis of his/her participation. At any time the member can get an experience letter of projects he/she completed which will help him is finding attractive job.
ERPstuff Virtual Consulting Services
Oracle E-Business Suite
- Troubleshooting (Support)
- Training
- Database Administration
- System Administration
- Quality Assurance
- Customization (Forms & Reports)

- Software Development & Customization
- Data Warehousing
- Industrial Automation
- Web Development
- Embedded Device Application
- Microcontroller Programming

Others – In-house Developments
- ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
- Hotel Management System
- Point-of-Sale
- Embedded Device Applications
- Time Attendance and Management
- Networking Solutions
- Graphic Designing

Please send the following detail at business@erpstuff.com for mentioned positions,No need to send detailed cv right now just send the following detail in the email.
- Name
- Position
- City & Country
- Mailing Address
- Contact Numbers
- Education
- Experience (years if any)

- Marketing Executives
- Analysts
- Functional Consultants
- Technical Consultants
- Quality Control Consultants
- Software Developers
- Hardware Engineers

Your suggestions will be appreciated.
Nice idea isn’t it?
I sent my details direclty



Muhammad Nasr said...

Alslmu alikom
Day after day u take all my adoration
mr fadi have a greeting from brother 2 u from egypt. as i mention 2 u sir last comment i really want 2 be ur student and the only thig i could 2 do pray for u :)
gazakom Allah kol elkhir

fhasweh said...

welcome brother mohammed, i will post something soon on how to start with apps inshalla.

ur brother

Atul Kumar said...

Virtual Consulting is still in premature stage specially for DBA consulting when data is critical & security is risk from employees itself.

It may work fine for pilot or very small project, good luck fadi

fhasweh said...

thank you atul, yes you are correct, but it worth giving it a try i will keep you posted with the results


Gladiator said...

Fadi my friend nice to see your blog....
i also want to join this community and also want to post the use full material for Oracle Apps.

fhasweh said...

welcome bilal and thanks for visiting