Friday, January 12, 2007

Do you need info. about R12

As the day of lunching Oracle Apps R12 is getting closer I came across this document on metalink (404152.1) (Release Content Documents for E-Business Suite R12)

This document contains links to the published Release Content Documents for Oracle Applications, E-Business Suite Release 12. The RCD or Release Content Documentation communicates information about new or changed functionality in the specified release of the Oracle E-Business Suite. Existing functionality from prior point releases is not described. Use this document as a launchpad for R12 RCDs.

It includes info about all the Product Families on Oracle Application R12 so check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fadi,
Hope u are doing good,
was on a vacation to europe came back and went through your posts , i enjoyed all of them. keep up the good work.

fhasweh said...

welcome back my friend sam, i missed your posts too, i was visting your blog daily. i hope you enjoyied your vication there.