Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Monitor your apps performance

I came across note 244040.1 the note name is (Recommended Performance Patches for Oracle E-Business Suite) this note states the following (This document contains a list of performance patches that E-Business Suite development recommends customers to apply)and have the following fields

Product: FORMS
Bug#: 2283443
Description: Menu toolbar icons not picked up from cached jar file.
Affected Versions: Regression in Forms Patchset 8 (Forms ver.
Fix/Workaround: Fixed in Forms Patchset 10 ( Forms ver. and higher.
Symptoms/Comments: Access log file of the web listener will show icon gif files being downloaded from the media directory for each Forms application startup.

I think apps dbas should monitor this note once in while so they can stay updated incase any patch related to apps performance needs to be applied.


Arun said...

Nice tip

fhasweh said...

thank you