Monday, February 04, 2008

Add new node to apps

A customer want to add new web/forms node to his current multi-node apps production system also we have to configure a web cache load balancer.
The current system is 2 nodes (db node, apps tire node).
I am currently doing the configuration on test environment, I followed note (
How to Add a New Node to The Application Tier, and Make It a Web Server Node Only, Note: 464018.1 same as instructions of "Part 4: Adding a new node to an existing system" under "Section 4: Advanced Cloning Options" of Note 230672.1"Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11iwith Rapid Clone".

I am currently cloning the apps tire to the new server after that I will run then in order to configure it. One important note is to disable SQL*Net Access so that the new node can access the database.
after that i will try to configure the webcache as load balancer.
I will update you once done.


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