Thursday, January 10, 2008

I have been tagged

Gareth Roberts tagged me in the current round of OraBlog tag, you can check the rules.

Below are the 8 things you might not know about me:

1- Athens, Greece, Masters: I am currently doing my masters in managing business innovation and technology thurogh a scholarship here in Athens, Greece.
2- Having to change your job is a good thing: I started my oracle career after I had to change my previous job (well my old manager claims that my work was done there and the project i was working on was over, actually it turns out to be a good thing after that I changed my career path from Microsoft to Oracle)
3- Travel: I like to travel a lot and I am welling to take any chance to visit any new country/places.
4- Documentary: I am a T.V documentary addict; I can watch any type of documentary but prefer political ones.
5- Jogging: I jog 3-4 KM every other day I like jogging a lot.
6- Single: well still I am currently single. (Marry to oracle apps I guess ;-).
7- Reading: currently I am trying to get used to reading I have this book called (the management bible by John Wiley and sons) it’s a good book I guess every manager should read it, although I am not a manager yet but be prepared always. You never now what will happen next.
8- Sky is the limit and think big: Sky is the limit is my personal message at MSN messenger, and think big will be my next personal message at MSN.

My turn in tagging, I will tag.
OCP Advisor
Syed Jaffar Hussain
Lutz hartmann
Mark Rittman
Grant Ronald
Senthil Rajendran
Vikram Das
Famy Rasheed

have a nice tagging



Maher said...

Hi Fadi,
I read your "About Me" and noticed you worked in Jordan. Is that where you are from?

fhasweh said...

sorry maher, it seems i missed your comment.
yes i am from jordan