Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Transition period

Dear all,

I would like to inform you that I am currently at a transition period i moved to a new country and I am trying to explore my options there and that’s why I am not able to post/reply at forums and email list, but every thing will be back to normal within a month.
Wish me luck


Hussein Sawwan (hsawwan) said...

Wish you all the best & Good Luck :)

fhasweh said...

thank you and good luck to you too in canada

Aviad said...

Good Luck Fadi!
I Wish you a lot of success in the new place.


fhasweh said...

thank you aviad,
well update the blog soon.


Samer said...

Wish you all the best & Good Luck


Anonymous said...

Hey good luck with job and new environment.
BTW where have you moved to?
If somewhere in North America region maybe we could meet up


fhasweh said...

thanks samer,
thanks sam, no i am currntly in athens/greece but we shall meet my firend i am planing to attend oracle open world next year. so i hope i will meet you there a year after now.

thank you sam

Atul Kumar said...

Hi Fadi,
Wish you a very good luck. Good to hear that you have moved to beautiful place . Njoy and keep rocking.

Atul Kumar

fhasweh said...

thank you atul, good like with your new site i like it and its a good step.


Anonymous said...

Plz give me ur mail id , i would like to ask some thing.

Sarfaraz Karim

Sarfaraz Karim said...

Hi Fadi,

Now a days i am a regulad visitor of ur blog. Good Brother keep going. If you havnt any prob give me ur mail id.

Sarfaraz Karim

fhasweh said...

hi sarafaraz,
its fhasweh at hotmail send me any time

shantha said...

hi fadi,
Wish you all the best nd
Good Luck............

shantha kumar

fhasweh said...

thank you shantha

Omar said...

I would like to get in touch with Oracle apps consultants from Jordan, could you send me your email address. Thx.